Welcum 2 my bloog

I'm Brittany. I'm 19. South Florida. I'm happy.
Please take me serious, seriously.
fugly sluts

i need to find out how to get over being a perfectionist

my whole dream, i just dreamed i was drinking juice, like that really good v8 juice with mango juice

(◡﹏◡✿) i don’t like being sick

but i do like nyquil

gonna go on naked and afraid so i can lose weight fast

y am i awake?

Let My Baby Stay - Mac DeMarco

heard 2 of my favorite songs at walgreens

kiss me by sixpence none the richer &

i want it that way by backstreet boys

i’m so happy

idk what’s worse…when people post about their relationship on facebook or when people talk about missing their ex on facebook

Ode to Viceroy - Mac Demarco

i can feel the anxiety of school creeping back